Insurance for Pet Sitters

As a Pet Sitter and small business owner, you must obtain employee benefits normally provided by an employer. Health, life, dental and disability insurance are all coverage options that need to be considered. Eisenberg Associates Insurance Agency, Inc., has been working with Pet Sitters on a national basis for almost a decade. We have the experience necessary to understand your unique pet sitter insurance needs and help you find the best insurance plan for your personal situation.

We can offer individual and/or group health insurance coverage to pet sitters in most states. Group coverage is available to groups of one in only a few states, so if you are a self employed pet sitter with no full time employees, individual plans may be the way to go. PPO and HMO plans offer immediate coverage on office visits and prescriptions with co-payments. High deductible plans and H.S.A. plans (Health Savings Account) are also available to help keep your health insurance premiums lower. We can also offer plans that allow complete freedom to choose your healthcare providers. As insurance brokers, we have access to many different insurance policies in each available state, assuring you that you will always be offered a low cost, comprehensive policy. For a personalized quote, please complete the health quote request form to obtain more information.

Another vital insurance plan to be considered is disability insurance. As a self employed Pet Sitter, you are solely responsible for your financial welfare. You have spent the time and money growing your business. What would happen if you couldn’t work for several months or even years due to a disability? How would you pay your monthly bills? Disability insurance offers income replacement. If you become disabled and unable to perform your own occupation, your policy would cover your income.

Many Pet Sitters just starting out may have gross income, but after expenses, the amount reported to the IRS might be very low. Traditional disability insurance is based on net income and may be difficult to obtain in this situation. There is a type of insurance called critical illness insurance. This insurance is not based on income, and will pay a lump sum if you end up with cancer, heart attack, paralysis, any many more debilitating diseases. This plan can be taken as a temporary plan against disability. After you have positive income, this coverage can be replaced with traditional disability coverage.

In addition to health and disability insurance, we can also offer life insurance. Whether you are looking for a low cost term insurance option to cover you for a specific amount of time, or as an investment alternative and permanent coverage, we have plans available and a computer database to shop for the best rates for you.

Lastly dental insurance can offer you piece of mind and help cover your dental bills. We offer both network and non-network plans in all states, either combined with a medical policy, or issued separately as a stand alone plan. Vision care may be included as well.

Give us a call or send an email for more information on the plans you are interested in. We can offer free no-obligation quotes and are happy to send them by email or mail.