Staffing Industry Insurance

The staffing industry is composed of many models. There are agencies that hire full time employees to perform temporarily at a jobsite. There are also placement agencies that place the same type of jobs, but the employees are hired for short periods of time, usually 90 days.

It is easy to set up a menu of group employee benefits for permanent long term employees. Short term employees are more difficult to provide benefits to.

We have set up a program to help the temporary staffing industry provide benefits while not taking the responsibility of setting up group insurance and the responsibilities that go with it.

One major problem to overcome is COBRA. This law requires employers that have a group medical or dental program to allow ex-employees to continue coverage for 18 months. Keeping within the law can be daunting when there is constant turnover.

Our program is to provide individual non-group plans so that COBRA administration disappears. By using individual plans purchased by the employees, group administration problems disappear. The employees also gain by having their own portable health insurance policy and the ability to choose the level of benefits they desire.

Please click here to see a sample staffing industry leaflet that you can hand out to your employees and give us a call at 800-777-5765 to see how we can work with your staffing agency.